PAeHI August 2011 All Committee Meeting Agenda

August 31, 2011

Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative
All-Committee Meeting
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pennsylvania Medical Society
777 E. Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA
10:15am – 3:45pm

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Welcome and PAeHI Introductions by Sharon Dorogy, Board Chair and Dr. Chris Cavanaugh, PAeHI Executive Director

“Pennsylvania eHealth Collaborative” Direction
Robert Torres, State HIT Coordinator

“The Care Connectivity Consortium: Decreasing the Cost of Health-Information Exchange”
James M. Walker, MD, FACP; Chief Health Information Officer, Geisinger Health System

Ed McCallister, UPMC Health Plan

Augusta (Gus) L. Kairys, VP for Provider Technology and Strategic Partnerships, Highmark, Inc.

Lunch and Networking with Colleagues

Committee Breakout Sessions (BAT, C&E, Finance, HIE, Membership, Policy)

Breakout Session Synopsis Committee Reports

Pennsylvania State Program Updates
DPW – Matt McGeorge, OMAP HIT Coordinator
PA-REACH -Don Wilson, MD, and Anita Somplasky, Project Director

Closing Remarks, Announcements, and Adjournment


PAeHI Summit: The Future of ACOs – May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

The Future of Accountable Care Organizations:
Health Information Technology Enabling ACO’s in Pennsylvania

Presented in partnership by
Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative & Central Pennsylvania HIMSS

Pennsylvania Medical Society

HARRISBURG (May 25, 2011)
ACO:  What Is It and What Does it Really Mean?
Presented by Ed Shay, Post & Shell

Panel Discussion:
The Legal and Financial Impact of ACO’s

ACO Legal Panel

ACO Legal Panel

Facilitated by Ed Shay, Post & Shell
Panelists in photo(L to R): Dr. Rick Hammer (Medical Director, Capital Blue Cross), Steve Fox (Esq., Post & Shell), Dr. John Haughton (Chief Medical Info  Officer, Covisint), Ed Shay (Post & Shell)

Charlene Underwood

Charlene Underwood

ACO: Business/Technology Industry Perspective
Charlene Underwood, Senior Director, Government and Industry Affairs Siemens HealthCare

ACO: Future Trends and Impact on Medical Devices

Dr. Elliot Sloan, Drexel University

Dr. Elliott Sloan

Dr. Elliott Sloan

Panel Discussion
ACO’s and the Impact on Pennsylvania

Facilitated by Buddy Gillespie
Gaspere C. Geraci, MD, VP, Physician Leadership, PA Med Society
Robert Torres, Pennsylvania State Health IT Coordinator
Carolyn F. Scanlan, President and Chief Executive Officer of HAP
Don Wilson, MD, Quality Insights of PA and PA-REACH

ACO Panel

ACO Panel

The Legal and Financial Impact of ACO’s

Panel – ACOs and Impact on PA – 2: (l to r): Dr. Gaspere Geraci – Physician Leadership, PA Med Society Robert Torres – PA State HIT Coordinator Thomas Robinson – CMS Region 3 Carolyn Scanlan – President and CEO of HAP

HIMSS National Update
JoAnn Klinedinst, HIMSS

–Photos Taken By Laurie Fink, Communications Specialist, Quality Insights

Spring All Committee Meeting: March 30, 2011 Agenda

March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011  (Harrisburg, PA)
10:15am Registration
10:30am Welcome, PAeHI Update and Introduction
                    Sharon Dorogy, Board Chair
                    Dr. Chris Cavanaugh, PAeHI Executive Director
10:45am  Federal Program Update
                    Nancy O’Connor
                    Regional Administrator                                              
                    CMS, Region 3, Philadelphia, PA 

Nancy Bolton O'Connor, CMS Regional Administrator

Nancy Bolton O'Connor, CMS Regional Administrator

11:00am  Keynote Presentation
 “Trends for2011– Health Information Exchanges across Pennsylvania
Facilitators: Dr. Ken Coburn and Buddy Gillespie
Panelists:  Denise Abraham (Washington Hospital), Edith Dees (Holy Spirit Hospital), Wayne Thompson, (The Commonwealth Medical College), and  Jim Younkin (KeyHIE)

HIE Panel On Trends for 2011

HIE Panel On Trends for 2011

             Graduate Student Poster Sessions
             – Current Research in Healthcare IT
             Sponsor Mark Jacobs, CIO for DHIN and
             Corporate Faculty Harrisburg University

2:30pm Sponsor Presentation: IBM
1:00pm Committee Breakout Sessions (BAT, C&E, Finance, HIE, Membership, Policy)
2:30pm Breakout Session Synopsis Committee Reports
2:45pm Pennsylvania State Program Updates
                  — Matt McGeorge
                 PA REACH East & West
                 — Anita Somplasky and Dr. Don Wilson
3:30pm Closing Remarks, Announcements, and Adjournment

Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative Elects New Board Members, Leadership

February 17, 2011

 HARRISBURG – (Feb 17, 2011) The Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative (PAeHI), whose mission is to improve healthcare in Pennsylvania by fostering the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and other advanced healthcare information technology across the Commonwealth, has elected its 2011 Board of Directors and Officers. 

Two new members were elected to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors: Dr. Susan L. Kressly, Kressly Pediatrics representing Clinician and Clinician Organizations and Dr. Linda Hogan, The Commonwealth Medical College representing the Supporting Member Organizations. 

Re-elected to serve on the twelve-member Board were Sharon L. Dorogy, Director of Information Systems, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, and Dr. Don Levick, Lehigh Valley Hospital; both representing Hospitals and Hospital Organizations.

Elected as officers for 2011 were: Sharon L. Dorogy, Director of Information Systems, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, elected for her second term as Chairperson, Ellen Marshall, Deputy Director, Camden Area Health Education Center (AHEC), elected to her second term as Vice Chair; Bernie Lynch, Senior Director, Payer Relations, Pennsylvania Medical Society, elected to his second term as Treasurer; and Martin Ciccocioppo, Vice President Research, The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), elected to his second term as Secretary.

 Other voting board members include: Dr. Kenneth D. Coburn, Health Quality Partners; Dan Jones, Quality Insights of PA; JoAnn Klinedinst, HIMSS; Dr. Don Levick, Lehigh Valley Hospital; Phil Magistro, State HIT Coordinator and Kent Whiting, Capital BlueCross.   

In addition to its twelve-members, the Board also includes ten (10) Ex-Officio members: Edith Dees, Holy Spirit Hospital; PA State Senator Mike Folmer; Steve Fox, Post & Schell; Scott Gillam, Highmark; William Gillespie, WellSpan Health System; Mark Jacobs, WellSpan Health System; Sean O’Rourke, Consilient Solutions LLC; Robert Torres, PA Department of Health; Dr. James Walker, Geisinger Health System; and Dr. Donald Wilson, Quality Insights of PA. Continuing to serve as Executive Director is Dr. Chris Cavanaugh.

 The Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative (PAeHI) was created in 2005 to encourage the development and use of electronic health records (EHRs) in Pennsylvania along with health information exchanges (HIE), which will ultimately tie into a nationwide system allowing patients and healthcare providers to securely access medical records regionally and throughout the country. The initiative is working with providers, health insurers, businesses, and government to inform health care stakeholders and all Pennsylvanians of the benefits of utilizing electronic health records; interconnect all health care stakeholders to make health information available; address legal and policy issues which could impede the development of HIEs; enable secure, confidential access to health information; and enable patient access and control of their health information. PAeHI background and membership information is available at

# # #

PAeHI November 17, 2010 All-Committee Blogging

November 17, 2010

Harrisburg, PA (November 17, 2010)  —  After Updates from Sharon Dorogy, Board Chair of PAeHI, and Dr. Chris Cavanaugh, Executive Director of PAeHI, more than 50 people from across the state, listened to an updates on State Health IT Initiatives and the PHIX program.

Phil Magistro

Phil Magistro

Alix Gross
Alix Gross

Phil Magistro, Deputy Director, GOHCR, presented the strategic view for Health IT. After asnwering a number of questions from ONC, Pennyslvania presented its final operational plan to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT in October 2010, and hoping for approval before the end of the year.

Alix Goss, PHIX Program Director, went into more detail about the state plan, and said PHIX would be offering access to health information to both the “haves and have nots” of EHR systems. The plan will offer an interface directly to clinicians with EHR systems and a portal with Web-based browser access, with user authentication and verification of permissions, to offer access to clinicians without an interoperable system.

Goss explained that PHIX added a sixth domain area to the five that ONC requested–Communication, including developing education and promotion of PHIX across stakeholder including patients and providers, as well as collaboration with other HITECH initiatives.

KEYNOTE: PennREN: The Pennsylvania Research and Education Network: A Great New Broadband for Healthcare in Pennsylvania
Martin Ciccoccioppo, Vice President of Research, HAP and PAeHI, introduced Jeff Reel, Executive Director, Keystone Initative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER). KINBER was awarded $99.7 million plus $29.3 million in matching funds to build 48 broadband strands over 1,600 route miles in the commonwealth.

Dr. Ed Brown, CEO Ontario Telemedicine Network, shared his experiences from Canada.

eHealth Summit Session III

November 16, 2010

Dr. Ed Brown

The last session focuses on leveraging technology to empower wellness and is started by the keynote presenter Dr. Ed Brown, CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). He talks about Telemededicine in Ontario and its utilization. The first part portrays various innovations and drivers using telemedicine. The second point he mentions web casting over the web. The third point is “Store-Forward Telemedicine”. Brown explains with a picture taken of a rash at the Primary Care Physician, which will then be forwarded to the dermatologist using the a software by OTN. The fourth point is about Telehomecare for Chronic Disease Management, which monitors data at home to empower self-management and resulted in a 66% decrease in hospital admissions after the study was performed a couple years ago. The keynote ends with a graphical illustration of three pillars for Access, Quality and Efficiency showing value added by using Telemedicine.

David Levine

The second keynote presenter for the third session is David Levine, President, Montreal Health and Social Service Agency.

Levine starts off by explaining the Quebec and Montreal region. Then he explains the objectives that health reform needs to achieve:

  • Improve the health and well being of the population
  • Bring services to the population
  • Facilitate the use of services
  • Manage care for vulnerable clientele
  • Introduce a population based managed care model
  • Introduce a chronic care model
  • Roster each citizen to a primary care team
  • Develop corridors of care for seamless services

EMR Project

Levine shows a chart of barriers to adoption in Healthcare IT, illustrating key points in Technical, Financial, Educational and Policy. He explains further the EMR project showing prerequisites and goals.

He continues to explain the Montreal Project to implement EHR, states the critical success factors and summarizes his keynote with key messages.

Session III Panel

The third session panel is being moderated by Dr. Sal Volpe/TLC QIO and consists of the following people:
a.) Alex Nason/Johns Hopkins Medicine
b.) Brian Wells/University of Pennsylvania Health System
c.) Dr. Joseph Couto/Jefferson University Hospital
d.) Dr. Robyn Tamblyn/McGill University

The 2nd Annual Canada – U.S. eHealth Summit ends with great success. The presentations for all the keynote presenters and panelists will be available on

Editor’s note: This series of  live blog posts on the 2nd Annual Canada-Philadelphia eHealth Summit were reported and photographed by Marvin Sugirin, solutions architect and my colleague, of BluePrint Healthcare IT. — Mike Squires 

eHealth Summit Session II

November 16, 2010

Rob Wonderling

As people return from lunch, the 2nd session of the eHealth Summit gets introduced by Mark Stevens, which has a focus on “Meds & Eds” and he introduces Rob Wonderling, President and CEO, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

He talks about the eleven county region that spans across Princeton, NJ to the greater Philadelphia area and further describes various trade related metrics. Wonderling states that the greater Philadelphia region has a very good IT backbone with providers such as Comcast, Verizon and others. He points out 5 elements to encourage Health IT innovation and ends with a question to the audience “Why not set a date for global international competition, to bring the next ‘killer app’ for health IT.”

Tony Iantoro (Left) | Joshua Lawson (Right)

The next keynote is presented by Tony Iantorno, Founder, Accelero Management Consulting and Joshua Lawson, Associate Partner, SECOR Consulting. Both are based out of Canada and Lawson starts the keynote with an overview of the Canadian health care system, how it is funded and what the expenditures are. He further talks about the “Enablers of Innovation”, which is the overlaps of three circles (Government, Business, Research). Iantorno takes over to talk about “Primary Care IT”, which is an initiative to invest $250 million to encourage the adoption of an EHR in Ontario. On the business side of the three circles, Iantorno talks about the regions of Ontario and introduces the MaRS concept. Lawson wraps the keynote up with the key challenges in all three areas, Government, Business and Research.

Session II Panel

The 2nd Session Panel is being moderated by Elliot Sloane, PhD/Drexel & DVHIMSS and consists of:
a.) JoAnn Klinedinst/HIMSS and PAeHI
b.) Dr. Thompson Boyd/Hahnemann University Hospital
c.) Dr. John Cacciamani/Temple University Hospital
d.) Dr. Gary Kurtzman/Safeguard Scientifics

Editor’s note: This series of  live blog posts on the 2nd Annual Canada-Philadelphia eHealth Summit were reported and photographed by Marvin Sugirin, solutions architect and my colleague, of BluePrint Healthcare IT. — Mike Squires 

Live Blog during the 2nd Annual Canada – Philadelphia eHealth Summit: Nov 16, 2010 – Session I

November 16, 2010

The 2nd Annual Canada – U.S. eHealth Summit will be blogging live during the conference in Philadelphia.

David F.J. Marshall

The summit starts off with an introduction from the Canadian Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner David F.J. Marshall.

He introduces by explaining the trade relationship between Canada and the U.S. and then introduces the keynote speaker Dr. Barry Straube, CMO and Director, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, CMS.

Dr. Barry Straube

Straube takes over the podium and describes the high expenditures per capita for healthcare, while quality is inferior to that of other nations. He continues to explain various reasons for it and goes over the concept of The “Triple Aim”.

He further talks about incentives such as P4R, ARRA/HITECH, Medicare & Medicaid to show various routes to control costs and improve quality for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

William Pascal

The next keynote speaker, William Pascal, CTO, Canadian Medical Association, is being introduced by Vincent Finn, who focuses on the IT side.

He starts by explaining the metrics of Canada and how the healthcare system is funded. Pascal continues by describing policy drivers to invest in health IT, which include:

  • better health outcome
  • better accessibility
  • more integration
  • and various others.

Pascal explains the SYZYGY concept in 2000 and compares it to 2010 with respect to the Fiscal Health, ICT Awareness and Shared Risks. He wraps up the first session by presenting the bottom line, which include:

  • Balancing of top down and bottom up
  • Leveraging standards and registries
  • Increased value to patient
  • Shorter time to demonstrate value
  • Lower risk
  • Lower Cost
  • More Flexibility

Dr John Glaser

After a short break Session I continues with the keynote presentation from Dr. John Glaser, CEO, Siemens Health Services, who talks about the Era of HITECH.

Glaser explains various ACO Models and that payments will depend on the quality of care provided. Additionally he describes the requirements for HIT vendors based on the accountability shift. Glaser talks about overall ramifications for EHRs.

Session I Panel

Session I wraps up with a panel consisting of

a.) Rachel Block/New York State
b.) Henry Fader, Esq./Pepper Hamilton
c.) Mary Madison/AHIMA Foundation
d.) Peter G./Covisint

who give brief presentations on various aspects of ACOs and Medical Homes.

Editor’s note: This series of  live blog posts on the 2nd Annual Canada-Philadelphia eHealth Summit were reported and photographed by Marvin Sugirin, solutions architect and my colleague, of BluePrint Healthcare IT. — Mike Squires 

PAeHI All-Committee Meeting: Nov 17

October 27, 2010

Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative

All-Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Note: To attend you need to be a paid-up member of PAeHI. For more info about membership, go to


10:15 – 10:30 AM          Registration


10:30 – 10:45                  Welcome, PAeHI Update and Introductions

                                       Sharon Dorogy, Board Chair, PAeHI


10:45 – 11:00                 Update:  News from PAeHI

                                       – Dr. Chris Cavanaugh, Executive Director, PAeHI


11:00 – 11:45 AM          Update:  GOHCR

                                       State HIT Initiatives – Phil Magistro, Deputy Director

                                       The PHIX Program– Alix Goss, PHIX Project Director


11:45 – 12:30 PM          Keynote:

                                       “The Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN):  A Great New Broadband Resource for Health Care in Pennsylvania”

                                       Martin Ciccocioppo, Vice President of Research, HAP and PAeHI

                                       Jeff Reel, Executive Director, Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER)


12:30 – 1:00                   LUNCH


1:00 – 2:30                     Committee Breakout Sessions


2:30 – 3:00                     Sponsor Presentation:   Consulate of Canada

                                       Dr. Ed Brown, CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network


2:45 – 3:15                     Update:  PA REACH East & West

                                       – Anita Somplasky, PA REACH

                                       – Dr. Don Wilson, Quality Insights of PA


3:15 – 3:30                     Breakout Session Synopsis Reports


3:30 PM                         Closing Remarks, Announcements and Adjournment                             

‘Crossing the Infrastructure and HITECH Meaningful Divide’: Valley Forge, Oct 21-22, 2010

October 21, 2010
‘Crossing the Infrastructure and HITECH Meaningful Divide’
Valley Forge, Oct 21-22, 2010
Sponsored by PAeHI and 7×24 Exchange Delaware Valley Chapter

 (King of Prussia, PA) October 21–Dr. Karen Bell, chair of CCHIT,

Dr. Karen Bell, Chair, CCHIT

Dr. Karen Bell, Chair, CCHIT

gave keynote presentation this morning on “Certified View of Meaningful Use” and provided insight on the accelerated evolution of the unfolding of the certification process by the ONC-authorized testing and certification bodies.

William “Buddy” Gillespie, CTO, Wellspan, moderated a panel titled “How C-Suite it is” for Meaningful Use. Regardless of EHR incentives and Meaningful Use, panelists, following up in theme raised by Dr. Bell, emphasized the core focus has to be on improved patient care. Panelists (L to R in photo) are Herm Scherpbier, MD, VP and CMIO, Main Line Health; Gillespie; Mike Restuccia, VP and CIO, Penn Medicine; and Chris Witt, President and co-founder WAKE TSI.

"How C-Suite it is" Panel

"How C-Suite it is" Panel

Restuccia said the largest force behind the tranformation of Penn physicians moving to Electronic Health Records has been peer pressure, not the incentive programs. Penn is also proud of its 100% CPOE usage.
Phil Magistro

Phil Magistro


Phil Magistro, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform and State Health IT Coordinator, shared the announcement made by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) this morning of the DGS award to Medicity in conjunction with Delaware HIN to  build Pennsylvania’s HIE infratructure. Magistro prinicpally gave an update on Pennsylvania’s progress.

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